‘honoring exceptional service to humanity’


stepping on the right side of history

Our world is changing at a remarkable rate, inviting all awakening people and institutions of the world to participate in this paradigmatic shift as dynamically and conscientiously as possible.
Global socio-politics and the fabric of democracy is undergoing great change, as people of the world now begin to realign to a less materialistic and more altruistic imperative. Radical innovations in science and technology are re-framing our reality, and sustainabilty has become a necessity – not merely an option.
The World Phoenix Awards speaks to this planetary shift.
It recognises that the celebration of truth and transparency along with innovations which positively impact people and a fragile planet are where we must now draw our attention.
The World Phoenix Awards heralds a new perspective for planetary engagement – in recognising true heroes of our time.

The World Phoenix Fund is a donor advised fund established by CAF America (Charities Aid Foundation of America) which is a 501(c)(3) charity registered in the US.

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